Meet the Khaos Krew!

Dana Friesen, The Graphic Tee Specialist


Lena Edwards,

The Graphic Tee Specialist


CJ Schmidt, The Graphic Tee Retail Manager


Gabrielle Zimmerman, The Graphic Tee Retail Associate

Crystal Shook, The Graphic Tee Retail Associate


Kailey Herbst-Stubbs- The Graphic Tee Retail  Associate


Tammie Arebalo- The Graphic Tee Retail Associate


Margie Titus- The Graphic Tee Retail Associate

Teresa Moree- The Graphic Tee Southeast Regional Manager 



Jonathan Matthews- The Graphic Tee Retail Associate 

Kenzie Gillispie, The Graphic Tee Retail Associate


Kelsey Stepp- Accounting

Anthony Gonzalez, Website/Teamshop Developer



Lindsey Frye- Production Team Member

Mana Vasquez, Production Team Member


Sean Heaton- Production Team Member

Kyle Fiedler, Customer Service Specialist


Robert Loeffler- Production Team Member

Justin Friesen, Owner



The Story of Khaos: How we grew from a garage, to three store fronts

Khaos was founded in 2011 when our owner, Justin, had the urge to become a business owner. With a Sports Management degree from Tabor, Justin knew he wanted to do something that would keep him involved in sports. A custom uniform business made perfect sense. 

When Khaos Apparel was just a little start-up, Justin ran it out of his garage. Most of his business was from friends who coached, and a few local businesses.

Word spread that Justin had the best customer service and products. In 2013, Justin was able to open a store front at Chisolm Trail Shopping Center. In 2015, business was growing so fast he had to move next door to a larger store. He didn't stop there! In 2018, Justin a long time employee, Lena, had an idea for a Women's Boutique that would feature shirts screen printed by Khaos Apparel. Khaos was now THREE store fronts long.

Today, Khaos employees more than 10 people and occupies roughly 20,000 sq/ft at Chisholm Trail Shopping Center. We have capabilities to produce any size order, and satisfy nearly any customer request.

Our Khaos Krew is focused on excellent customer service and getting you the best custom apparel possible.
Lauren Kingsley
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